Saturday, June 20, 2009

How I Use Books

Robin Atkins just asked in her blog Beadlust if anyone else underlines and writes in books like she does. Well, yes I do, Robin. It took me a long time to get over my childhood library training of "Don't write in books. Don't bend down the corners of the pages."
Sometime in my adulthood, maybe because of the many years I've spent in school, I decided my own books were meant to be useful. Useful to me means I can write my responses and thoughts right there by the lines that inspired them.
I journal irregularly, and often can't find which journal I wrote something in, if I want to retrieve it, but with a little hunting, I CAN ALWAYS FIND my favorite or most thought-provoking books.
So I am unaplogeticly a full service consumer of my books. How about you?

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freebird said...

I occasionally write in the margins. It does feel like I am breaking some sort of taboo. Usually if I like a book that much I end up passing it on to others so I try not to write in a book like that. Maybe I should change my ways and buy a second book for sharing!