Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Thanks to Joel and Michelle Levey for their Thought for the Day email, and for sending this poem by Thich Nhat Hanh.

There are jewels everywhere in the cosmos - -
I want to offer you a handful of them this morning.
The diamonds I offer will shine through days and nights.
Each minute of our life is an individual jewel,
Containing sky, earth, river and clouds;
You need only breathe gently and mindfully
and all the miracles will be displayed.
The birds sing. The pines chant. The flowers bloom.
There is the blue sky and there are white clouds.
The eyes of the people you love shine
And your smile reflects full awareness.
You are the wealthiest person on Earth,
But have been going around to beg in distant lands for happiness,
Do stop being a destitute person;
Come back and receive your heritage.
Let us offer each other happiness
and establish ourselves in the present moment.
We should let go of our sorrow
And embrace life in our two arms.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Creative Hurdle # 1

Those of you who are artists, you know who you are. Claim the name artist! You've been making stuff since you were, what, three?? Yes, that makes you an artist!

You don't have to be selling anything or showing stuff or having your creations in a museum somewhere, YOU JUST HAVE TO LOVE MAKING STUFF!

That's it! So go call yourself an artist 500 times till you can say it, dance it, write it, sing it, joke it, giggle it, and shout it right out loud - I AM AN ARTIST!

Wouldn't it be fun to sky write it? Guess What? I Am An Artist!

What fun ways can you think of to announce yourself to the world? I'd love to hear them.