Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Death Valley

My husband and I went to Death Valley National Park today and hiked through Golden Canyon. It was a beautiful day, not too hot, but still, hiking in the dry desert dehydrated us and wore us out. We drove along Artist's Road, where the rocks were "painted" with surprising colors. They were especially stunning in the late day sunlight. I expected desert, but there are almost no plants here, just one that looks like holly, and half of them were dead. I saw no birds. A fly flew by me in Golden Canyon. That was it!!

It's fun to explore a new and foreign landscape and enjoy the treasures it offers. In this case, amazing colors, beautiful solidified sand dune structures, and a landscape that mimics what I imagine the moon is like.

When I got home I made a slide show on One True Media that I've entered below. This helped me appreciate our day's explorations even more, because now I get to share them.

What have you explored recently? How might you memorialize or share the experience?

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Anonymous said...

This is a lovely blog, Vicki! I enjoyed reading all the posts and seeing some gorgeous pictures (especially the pink barrell cactus and the snow on the peaks in Utah). I didn't do the slide show because my computer is sooooo sloooooow. Maybe, for folks like me, you could pick your favorite photo from the show and add it as a still shot??? On another note, thanks for your recent comment on my blog.. I love your take on it, thinking of it as a gift that came to me in the mail. You are gentle insightfulness is precious! Oh, one other thing... will I see you in CO next month? Hugs, Robin A.